Understand Your Style Of Selling

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There is a lot more to selling than we think. It is not about the mere change in hands of a product or ownership. Selling in its purest form is an art. Whilst some argue that it varies from person to person depending on their personality, others believe it is a skill that can be honed through experience. A key skill any good salesman must possess is great adaptability. This is because, when they are presented with different selling situations they should be adept enough to combine and switch their selling technique to suit the circumstance to close the deal. Therefore, although the lines are blurry when classifying individuals as per their style of selling, each individual will broadly fall into one of the four categories mentioned below.

Need-oriented Selling

This is where you take the basic problem solver approach to an issue the client is facing. When addressing their need, it is crucial to pay attention to what they say and to understand their requirement fully in order to be able ask the right questions and suggest a fitting solution to fix the problem. For instance, makers of good designer dresses need to understand their client’s taste, their personality and the event they hope to attend before offering expert advice and suggesting outfit ideas.

Consultative/Relationship Building Selling

In certain situations it is important to use this type of selling. A good example would be when selling an insurance policy to a new client. This requires the salesperson to build a solid relationship with the customer, to a point where he is fully trusted and his claims seem authentic. This type of selling builds on the idea that selling is a process and not a one-time encounter.

Product-Oriented Selling

The underlying objective of this technique is to provide the client with as much product detail as possible. Sales reps use product demos and prototype presentations to explain to customers the features, functionality, maintenance and durability of the product. Product-oriented selling is a concept followed by e-commerce sites. The only missing piece being the human touch. Today, technological advancements are such that you can even buy cocktail dresses online as comprehensive information about the product, size guides, 3-D models and views from different angles are made available online. Visit this link https://www.phistreet.com/collections/dresses for more info when you buy cocktail dresses online.

Aggressive Selling

Under this approach, the main intention is idea is to sell. A high level of focus is placed on guaranteeing the sale in one shot. This hard-core selling method is used in instances where selling is not seen as a process. Every customer that walks out without making a purchase is considered lost.